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USDA Hormone Free  

Beef Patties

SALE - 30% OFF

Healthy 85% lean      ground beef patties.

Petite Filet Mignon 6oz

Tenderloin Steaks
For the discernible meat lover, these healthy portioned steaks are perfect for the palate. Cut from the tenderloin, they are tender and tasty.
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Healthy Bison Patties

For the health conscious, bison or buffalo meat, is a smarter, heart-healthier choice for people who want to enjoy the rich, full flavor of red meat without all the fat.
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Ribeyes 12oz

Ribeye Steaks!
A mouth watering Texas steak. 12oz of pure beef ready for your grill. Invite friends to enjoy these 8 incredible cuts that are full of flavor.
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Bison Ground 1.lb Packs

Our Bison Ground is perfect for anyone wanting a lean ground. It's great for cookouts.
Discounted to $5.63 lb
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Hot Off The Grill

Our steaks are cut by master carvers to meet traditional expectations.  The bold, robust flavor of our beef is guaranteed to please you whether you pan sear or grill it.
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Incredible Wild Boar

Texas Wild Boar...
Range-Free and full of flavor. Perfect for any occasion. Try one of our delicious and lean wild boar roasts or frenched racks.  
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frontier legacyFrontier Meats, a rich heritage.

For several decades we have lived right in the middle of the world famous Fort Worth Stockyards.


Our philosophy is simple. Offer the healthiest meat to the world. We specialize in providing quality aged Texas beef to fine restaurants all over the world.

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Bison Meatloaf (Bacon Wrapped)

Wild Boar Rack